News on Snuffy

January 2019

Snuffy is going strong!

Snuffy has been continuing to live the good mountain life. He is over 10 years old now and doing very well for an oldish Saint Bernard. He has a kitty friend at home with him now whom he has decided is pretty cute and good company when mom and dad go off to work. She absolutely adores him and comes to join in for the little of the action during our epic hair brushing sessions.

He still loves taking his early morning walks, and the colder the temperature the better and rolling in the snow makes for extra fun. He considers meeting up with other dogs on the trail almost as much fun as his slow strolls, smelling every bush and tree along the way. In the summer, his hikes have become shorter but he loves to go wading in the cold lakes and rivers. These days a Pet Loader stair case assists him in and out of the car and camper. He is always happy to go for the ride where ever it may take him. He is such a wonderful, gentle soul and loves everybody.

November 2011

As many of you may remember, Snuffy is a wonderful St. Bernard who came to us badly injured with no one who could afford the expensive surgery and rehabilitation required to make him better. It was this wonderful community who made this possible with their donations and concerns.

After all of this and almost three years later, we thought many of you who helped, would like to know that Snuffy could not be doing better! He has a wonderful home and rich active life with family who take him for long walks daily. He has learned (reluctantly, and with the aid of a life preserver!) to swim and enjoy the mountain environment in all its beauty. He adores his “sister” who is a fireball of mixed breed who also challenges him to stay active. He enjoys adventures to the dog parks and absolutely adores meeting new friends of all species everywhere he goes! He is a master of relaxation, the play blow, “so happy to see you” vocal greetings, he loves his balance board and the snow. He is a home body too and very devoted to his family.

Thank you so much for making his life possible. The rescue fund made in his name remains as active as possible in these though times. With it we wish to help other, less fortunate animals in need. If you wish to contribute to Snuffy Animal Medical Emergency Fund (SAMEF) please call us at (530) 587-4366 or stop by our office. We are always so very grateful for any contributions and sincerely appreciate all you do for the animals of our community.

2010 Snuffy Animal Medical Emergency FundSnuffy’s Story and How SAMEF Came To Be

Snuffy is a gentle young male Saint Bernard who was found injured at the side of the road at Donner Lake after apparently being hit by a car. An employee at Mountain Hardware brought Snuffy to us for help. Without an owner who could take care of his needs we took Snuffy on as our own responsibility. Radiographs revealed that Snuffy had a badly fractured acetabulum, the socket of the hip where the head of the femur fits. The best way for him to live out his life without pain from this injury was to have surgery to
repair the hip with a plate, screws and pins. This being a difficult fracture to correct, would require an orthopedic specialist, and we were concerned about how we could come
up with the money to help Snuffy and then find a new home for him.

After postings and spreading the word, the community quickly responded to his plight and raised enough money for his surgery and postoperative care including some physical therapy. We took Snuffy to Dr. Pelsue in Reno for his surgery. He was very kind to keep costs down and do everything he could for us. Snuffy is now recovering with us at Donner Truckee Veterinary Hospital for four to eight weeks of strict rest with minimal movement. There can be complications that come along with such an injury and it is possible that Snuffy may require further surgery. With time and patience he will begin his physical therapy to strengthen his muscles and start back on the road to being a playful puppy again.

If I can somehow restrain myself from adopting him myself (I am quite in love), we have found a wonderful new home for him, fantastic dog owners who will give him all that he deserves; loving people, nice fenced backyard and two other big young dogs to play with. We were amazed by the response we received on Snuffy’s behalf. We were touched by
everyone who showed their concern and the generosity of giving that happened so quickly. Many thanks to Taylor and Kelly, and to the employees and patrons at Mountain Hardware who really rallied for us, as well as countless others who came to visit Snuffy, give contributions, and offers of adoption. The staff of Donner Truckee Veterinary Hospital wishes to express our gratitude to the many kind people of Truckee Tahoe who donated to help a wonderful dog out of a bad situation. We are proud to be a part of such a compassionate community.

If you would like to donate to SAMEF please call us at (530) 587-4366