Doggie Daycare

By The Bed & Breakfast For Pets

A Tired Dog is a Happy, Quiet Dog!

Happy Dog Gallery_imageLooking for a safe, loving and fun environment for your dog while you’re out but don’t need the overnight care provided by our Bed and Breakfast for Pets? Our Doggie Daycare could be your answer!

Open seven days a week from 8am-5:30pm (Sunday by appointment only), our Doggie Daycare provides you with peace of mind that your dog is well-taken care of when you’re out for the day, whether for work or play. While here, your dog will receive individual attention and supervision from our highly trained staff, have a comfy place to relax and participate in a small, carefully selected playgroup of no more than five dogs.

Dogs play in our large, shaded outdoor play space and then rest in our spacious indoor enclosures between playgroups. We have a vet on premises seven days a week, and because we limit the number of dogs in our care, there’s never a worry about your dog getting lost in the crowd.


Consider the benefits:

  • Play and exercise release pent-up energy, making it easier for your dog to relax while away from family.
  • Dogs make new friends, both canine and human. This helps your dog enjoy – and not just tolerate – being away from you.
  • Fresh air and exercise are good for the body and soul – just like for humans!
  • Our highly trained staff not only reinforce your dog’s good manners, but also introduce new good habits.

Doggie Daycare Details

  • On major holidays daycare may not be available as a 3 day minimum applies.
  • Conveniently located on the way to Northstar and the North Shore, just off CA Highway 267.


Whether your dog is here just for the day or for a longer stay at the Bed and Breakfast for Pets, we have the perfect playgroup!

At the Bed and Breakfast for Pets, we believe in small, carefully supervised playgroups so each dog receives the individual attention he or she deserves and never feels overwhelmed. We group our dogs based on size, temperament, play style, and age, carefully ensuring that all dogs in a playgroup feel safe, stimulated, happy and loved.

  • If your dog is a couch potato who likes to lie in a lap or soak up the sun, we have just the group!
  • Do you have a young lab who loves to play games, wrestle with other dogs or chase bubbles? We have the perfect group for him, too.
  • Or perhaps your dog is less social and prefers to simply play with humans. We definitely have that option as well.
  • We also have an ideal set-up for puppies and shy dogs that need slower introductions and work on socialization.
  • Call to schedule your dog’s initial assessment.

Our playgroups are a key part of our Doggie Daycare and are also offered as an option for boarders for an additional charge at our Bed and Breakfast for Pets.

If your animal has an emergency:

  • Get help as quickly as possible
  • Do not try home remedies
  • Be careful – animals in pain can bite or scratch

Hours (drop-off & pick-up)

Pet B&B and Daycare
Mon - Sat 8AM to 5:30PM (Sunday by appointment only)

Registration Forms

Please print and fill out the appropriate form before your dog's first visit:

Webcam Monitoring
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